Bio – Teija Sirko

“Hard Work And Determination: That’s All It Takes” – Nimdoma

Mom of three, mountaineer, owner of three australian labradoodles and sports lover – inspired by passionate people and great challenges.

About me and Seven Summits

Everything started over 15 years ago from a simple dream to see the glaciers of Mt Kilimanjaro before they melt away. Waited the right moment and finally in 2011 did my first trekking in Austria.  Next year I joined to a guided group to summit Mt Blanc as a test climb for Kilimanjaro, to see how my body reacts on high altitudes and how do I feel eventually about mountaneering. Could say that it was love at first sight and ever since I have been visiting the mountains yearly basis.

Within last 6 years I have climbed several mountains and have not got enough. Hunger growls while eating they say and now I am targeting Seven Summits and expedition to the South Pole. Below you can see my mountaineering achievements so far and list of mountains where I still would love to go.

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Business career

I’ve been working almost 20 years in digital business, sales, marketing and consulting. I have a strong experience and wide range of evidence in leadership, account and project management, strategy work & implementation and change management.

My comfort zone is in change and in leading it. I am business and target orientated and able to adjust myself quickly to different situations. The path I have walked thru in both business and personal life, the experience gained, gives me a deep voice to talk as a coach, trainer and workshop leader about achieving goals and how to built inner strength to make dreams come true.

“Teija is very focused and target oriented professional and she has a very good understanding both of the big picture and the strategic details. Her ability to set goals and give you freedom in a same time makes her one of the supportive leaders I have had. It was a pleasure to work as a consultant in Teija’s team.”

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Ready for hard work

What I’ve learned during the time I have spent in mountains, is that my strengths blossom there – I’m practical, always prepare myself well to upcoming things, I have the Finnish “sisu”, determination but on the other hand, if risks just seem to be too overwhelming, I can call off and make changes to my plans, even turn back. Living in a tent several weeks nor get stuck in camp due to storm really don’t bother me. I don’t mind hard work either – I set targets, split them to the smaller pieces and just start to work with those, no matter if that means that lot of work or I need to develop my physical, mental or other skills.

“As you progress up the mountain, besides thin air, the weather gets worse and worse. That, combined with physical exhaustion and the possibility of an avalanche or a snow storm, as well as running out of food, are the biggest challenges. But, I have realized that mental determination goes a long way towards committing oneself and succeeding,” explained Nimdoma, who fortunately did not suffer from any major sicknesses during her Seven Summits expedition.

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I am looking for sponsors for my next expeditions and happy to tell more about plans.